List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • What comes with my iPad?

    All students receive a charger and a case. Students are welcome to change the case if they so choose. 
  • Will I get a keyboard or Apple Pencil / Stylus?

    Xaverian does not supply bluetooth keyboards, or Apple Pencils/any kind of stylus. Many students, however, elect to purchase these items for their productivity. The decision to have any of these items is at the discretion of the student and parent. 
  • What apps can I download?

    The student is free to download the apps they choose on their own device. 

    Teachers will make note of the apps they are required to download for class purposes. 
  • Is the iPad covered under Apple Care? What happens if it gets damaged / broken?

    All iPads are covered under Apple Care. 

    6th grade iPads are covered for 3 years. 
    9th grade iPads are covered for four years. 
    Transfer students are covered until the date of graduation. 

    Replacement is free up to two times per calendar year. Families are responsible for bringing their iPad to the Apple Store on their own. 
  • How do I connect to the wifi at school?

    In September, Xaverian will have obtained each iPad's MAC addresses from Apple, and it will just be a matter of clicking on Xaverian WiFi and connecting. We will walk you through the process at orientation!
  • Do I need to create my own Apple ID?

    Students can create a new Apple ID or use their existing Apple ID to set up their iPad. 

    If a student has never had an Apple ID before, it is suggested that they create their own Apple ID. 

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Can I have iMessage on my iPad?

    iMessage is permitted, however, students should refrain from using iMessage during class time. 
  • What should I have on my iPad before orientation week?

    Students should all have set up their iPads with an Apple ID. 

    Students should have also downloaded Notability, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. 

    All Students should connect their own personal gmail to their iPad. 

    Students are also expected to login to the Harbor before orientation.  PLEASE NOTE: Harbor logins have not been emailed yet - please expect that information mid-August. 
  • What happens if I lose my iPad?

    Families are responsible for the replacement of a lost iPad. 
  • Are there any apps I NEED to download?

    All students must download and subscribe to Notability. 

    (Please note that Notability will be automatically installed on 6th grade ipads. Freshman and transfer students will have to download and purchase Notability.)

    All students must download Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Drive. 

    These apps will be used during orientation.
  • What happens if I forget my iPad at home?

    Students are required to bring their fully charged iPads to school every day. It is not guaranteed that the Technology Office will be able to supply the student with a loaner. 


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